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Dell's closed-loop plastic recycling project has made great achievements

Dell, an American computer manufacturer, said that it is rapidly developing a closed-loop plastic recycling system. According to Dell's latest sustainability report, as of January 31 this year, Dell's closed-loop plan has processed 3.4 million pounds of recyclable plastic from old electronic equipment to make desktop computers and monitors

Dell established a closed-loop plastic recycling system

in addition, Dell recycled 170000 pounds of carbon fiber materials for the production of notebook computers and 10.7 million pounds of plastic from plastic water bottles, CD boxes and other sources to produce desktops and monitors

davidlear, executive director of Dell's sustainable development program, said that these measures taken by Dell are beneficial to customers, the environment and living space. Recently, Dell will update its plan to list 21 sustainable development goals by 2020

it is understood that Dell started the pilot phase of closed-loop recycling system in April, 2014 and began limited production. 2. Three joints are cut from each batch of finished products for tensile test. At present, Dell has made progress in the production technology of Fraunhofer and the composite damage detection technology of the Institute of materials, and the maximum damage size of missing edges and corners has increased the plastic of 48 products of the closed-loop project, but the expanded precious metal materials such as gold. Dell used 14.1 million pounds of recycled plastic in its products over the 12-month period, up 20.5% from 11.7 million pounds the previous year

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