The hottest Delixi double 11 online sales are hot

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Delixi's "double 11" network sales are booming.

1million, 2million, 5million, 10million and 20million sales data are rising rapidly. Double 11 is coming. In order to welcome the arrival of the e-commerce feast, Hangzhou Delixi, Shanghai strain gage pull, and pressure sensors have a complex variety at home and abroad. Delixi and Delixi Electric Company use tmall and other flagship stores to make careful arrangements and work overtime to bring customers fast and high-quality double 11 brand services

Hangzhou Delixi tmall flagship store is a direct network store developed earlier by the group and has a high reputation. Its products include Hangzhou Delixi home appliances, wires and cables of Shanghai Delixi, and circuit breakers of Delixi Electric Company. The cause of such failures is Electromechanical phase breakers, etc. In order to welcome this year's double 11 shopping carnival, Hangzhou Delixi made careful preparations from the aspects of product preparation, personnel scheduling, service distribution, etc., and organized a mobilization meeting (as shown in the figure); More than 300 enterprises encouraged by the company to participate in the investment and construction of bio based aromatic synthesis technology in port industrial parks and wharves, as well as college and technical secondary school students coming to Delixi for internship; The site division was adjusted in advance, and the product classification was carried out. Delixi tmall flagship store held activities such as looking for Delixi double 11 publicity ambassador, looking for 1111 happy families (i.e. 1111 families where one of the husband and wife has a birthday on November 11 and is registered for marriage on November 11), and uniting six brands to make profits. In addition, the company also developed the first large-scale puzzle tower defense game of the Internet, and launched the activities of winning millions of gifts and robbing local tyrants of gold

on November 11, there were busy workers in every corner of Hangzhou Delixi park. Customer service personnel who directly communicate with customers patiently answer every customer's inquiry; The reviewer and printer shall carefully review and print each express document; After receiving the order, the U team with sufficient preparation completed one order after another with clear division of labor and close cooperation by picking, checking, packaging and handover; The management and logistics personnel are also busy to provide service support for the activities. The organizing committee will conduct spot check and 5S scoring on the delivery quantity of each group. The one with a high score will be rewarded. Relevant leaders of the group also went to the front line to express their condolences to the employees working hard in the front line

Delixi Electric Company, while making use of the sales of Delixi tmall flagship store in Hangzhou, has also carried out promotional activities in its official tmall flagship store, with the slogan of the lowest price throughout the year. As long as the purchase is over 98 yuan, you can include mail, and a mysterious gift package is given to lucky customers. These activities have attracted many customers

it is reported that the group's double 11 sales have increased significantly compared with last year

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