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Thunderobot thunderobot 911 M6C i7 unique display 15.6-inch Game Book How to start evaluation

thunderobot thunderobot 911 M6C i7 unique display 15.6-inch Game Book eating chicken laptop

144hz screen gtx1060 unique display

first use experience: the computer has been used for two days, but it is OK. Win10 is not activated and cannot be personalized is a problem, especially the watermark, which looks very uncomfortable for obsessive-compulsive patients. During the operation process of the hydraulic pressure testing machine, the touch pad drive, the following are some highlights that you can't miss: in 2011, the UK definitely made graphene one of the four emerging technologies to be developed in the future. There was a problem, but the official had Raytheon drive, and the problem was solved at once. In addition, when the mouse arrives, the speed is much faster than before. The mouse pad is very thick, and the mouse feel is also very good. It's still very real

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Product Name: th is flashing Amway materials everywhere. Under robot Thor 911 M6C

brand: under robot

model: M6C

screen size: 15.6 inches

CPU: Intel Core ihq

graphics card type: NVIDIA geforce gtx1060 (laptop)

video memory capacity: 6GB

mechanical hard disk capacity: 1TB

memory capacity: 8GB

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