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The first three-phase integrated transformer with the largest capacity of 500kV was born.

recently, a message came from Tianwei BaoBian Electric Co., Ltd. that the first domestic three-phase sfp-1140mva/500kv power transformer with completely independent intellectual property rights, which was independently developed and designed by the company, successfully passed the assessment of all test projects in Tianwei baobian (Qinhuangdao) Transformer Co., Ltd. at one time, and its main technical performance indicators reached the international leading level. The transformer is the first three-phase integrated main transformer supporting 1000MW Ultra Supercritical generator set in China, and it is also the 500kV transformer with the largest capacity in China so far. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, superior performance, high safety and reliability. Its development in the past, China Zhongwang only provided aluminum extrusions for automobile manufacturing enterprises, which successfully laid a solid foundation for China to vigorously develop the domestic three-phase integrated generator main transformer supporting ultra supercritical units, and also provided strong support for China to enter the ranks of advanced countries in coal-fired power generation technology in the world from 2010 to 2020

it is understood that the transformer has a complex structure and is extremely difficult to manufacture. In the research and development process, Tianwei baobian adopted new design concepts and advanced design technology, and used the most advanced three-dimensional magnetic field and eddy current field calculation software to analyze and calculate the distribution of magnetic leakage and eddy current loss in transformer coils, iron cores and oil tank steel structures in detail; At the same time, a brand-new design structure is adopted, and effective measures are taken in the selection of materials for abeg analysis, shielding structure, etc. according to the municipal Tao aluminum office, various problems that are easy to occur in the local overheating, short circuit strength, temperature rise and other aspects of the super large capacity transformer are solved, so that the product has the significant advantages of reasonable structure, small partial discharge, small loss, low noise, no local overheating and so on, It can ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of products. The test report shows that the load loss of the transformer closing buzzer is 7.31% lower than the contract requirement, and the no-load loss is 2.09% lower than the contract requirement

it is reported that the second product of the same model of Tianwei baobian has entered the general assembly stage

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