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Ti announced the launch of two PWM power controllers: ucc28250 and ucc28950

recently, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of two high-efficiency PWM power controllers with integrated programmable delay synchronous rectifier control output and pre bias start-up circuit. The ucc28250 and ucc28950 "green controller" can simplify the design and improve efficiency for high-density isolated power supplies such as telecommunications, servers and industrial systems. The above devices support a variety of high-frequency topologies such as half bridge, full bridge, staggered forward and push-pull, which can not only meet the strict pre bias startup requirements, but also support a variety of high-efficiency topologies

high efficiency isolated dc/dc conversion

ucc28250 is the industry's first half bridge or full bridge PWM controller that can maintain a monotonic output voltage slope under pre biased load conditions without external circuits. It can not only support primary or secondary side control, but also in high input voltage isolated dc/dc applications such as power modules used in cordless base stations or industrial power systems, Achieve high efficiency and high power density of about 0.1-0.3% up to 95%

other main features of ucc28250 and Utah said: "What is interesting is the potential:

• the output of the integrated synchronous rectifier can minimize the conduction loss;

• the high-precision pulse by pulse current limit with an error of 1% can reduce the system cost and simplify the design;

• the precision technology of current mode and voltage mode control is a set of tolerance value system options specially set up, which can provide a high degree of flexibility.

phase shift full bridge control supporting synchronous rectification

in addition, Ti also synchronizes The latest ucc28950 has been introduced, which can not only provide two sets of additional PWM outputs for phase-shift full bridge control up to 600 watts, but also achieve more than 90% efficiency. This advanced controller integrates synchronous rectifier control, which can realize adaptive zero voltage switching under a wide range of input and output voltages, reduce switching losses, and improve the efficiency by 20% compared with similar competitive devices. Ucc28950 can improve power performance for high-density power architecture of industry, telecommunications and DC motor drives

other main features and advantages of ucc28950:

• enable designers to accelerate the response by selecting voltage mode half bridge or voltage/current mode full bridge

• how to deal with the abnormal conditions encountered in the use of light load electronic tensile testing machine? Here is a brief introduction: management can improve efficiency by 70%

• reduce the input and output ripple current by 50% - 100%, allowing the use of smaller input and output capacitors

simple and easy-to-use model and selection tools

these two controllers are widely supported by various modeling and component selection tools, which can help accelerate power design. These tools include PSPICE transient model, PSpice average model, Mathcad design tool, application manual, evaluation board, power reference design, etc

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