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Ti announced the launch of the industry's highest precision digital to analog converter

> recently, Ti announced the launch of the industry's highest precision digital to analog converter (DAC), which has 18 Bit monotonicity, ± 2 LSB integral nonlinear error (inl), ± 1 LSB differential nonlinear error (DNL) and other advantages. Dac9881 adopts small qfn-24 package, so that customers can improve system performance and simplify design process, so as to meet the needs of high-precision industrial applications such as automatic test equipment, instruments, process control, data acquisition and communication systems

art George, senior vice president of Ti high performance simulation business department, pointed out: "Dac9881 has achieved industry-leading performance with a convenient and easy-to-use low-power solution. It does not need peripheral circuits or calibration, and can achieve the highest accuracy at a low cost. Dac9881 further enriches our industry-leading DAC production gap. We should adopt the impact specimen notch broaching machine processing product series, which can support important design requirements such as high resolution, high response speed, low power consumption and small packaging, so as to help customers in industries such as industry In the application fields of audio, medical treatment and communication, it has achieved unprecedented new performance. At present, some electronic tension machines on the market adopt the level of reducer. "

dac9881 adopts ti's hpa07 high-performance analog CMOS process technology to help customers achieve further system performance in industrial applications, such as:

* 18 Bit monotonicity can ensure the stability of closed-loop applications such as industrial process control

* its low linear error, low noise and up to 4 times the interpretation degree of 16 bit DAC can increase the accuracy of open-loop applications such as automatic detection equipment

* 18 Bit DAC with integrated low-noise output buffer can achieve high accuracy and repeatability when 18 bit performance is also required in the past; The number of external components can be reduced by 75% according to relevant national or international standards for tensile, shrinkage, zigzag, shear and spalling tests of various materials

dac9881 is a single channel voltage output DAC with on-chip low-noise output buffer, which can reduce the number of external components required. The device supports SPI serial interface. When working, it can realize the input data clock frequency of up to 50 MHz, so as to meet the rapid and flexible interface requirements of general DSP, MCU and FPGA. The DAC combines low power consumption (4 MW at 5V) with small package (qfn-24) to achieve a higher density circuit board layout

other important features include 24 nv/rthz noise, 5? S setup time, rail to rail output swing over the entire power supply voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V, and optional power on reset to zero or medium scale

customers can immediately start the evaluation of dac9881 through an easy-to-use and modular evaluation template (EVM) to speed up the product design process and launch process. In order to further simplify the design, Ti provides various components of a complete signal chain for high-precision industrial applications, including ads127x analog-to-digital converter, opa211 operational amplifier, sn65hvd17xx RS-485 transceiver, iso72xx Digital Isolator and ref50xx voltage reference. In addition, dac9881 is also very suitable for TI's TMS320? Digital signal processors work together

the surface modified dac9881 in qfn-24 package (4mm x 4mm) is now available and can be ordered through Ti and its authorized distributors

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