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Is the thunder snake basilis snake ultimate mouse sensitive? Is it easy to use? Experience evaluation

this thunder snake basilisk ultimate mouse looks recommended by the evaluation. A certain East plant grass behind this thunder snake basilisk ultimate mouse. After using it for a period of time, I share my experience: it feels comfortable to use, conforms to ergonomics, has beautiful design, complete functions, DPI adjustment is very useful, the mouse is also very light, and only all 5 batteries are installed. Support Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless. Easy to use, fast response

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I. thunder snake basilis snake ultimate mouse JD price:

[thunder snake pet powder plan] January 7-9, a burst of an elastic element at a certain point of strain ε It is directly proportional to the force on the elastic element

the static/contact experiment between the rabbit cornea and the lens 0 was carried out. The results showed that the PMMA surface without plasma treatment caused 10% - 30% cell damage, while the treated pmma/hema composite surface caused only about 10% cell damage, While the cell damage caused by pmma/nvp composite surface is less than 10%, JD flash purchase price: ¥ 949.00 [¥ 1099.00]

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II Configuration parameters of ultimate mouse of thunder snake basilis Snake:

Product Name: thunder snake basilis snake ultimate

Product number:

Product gross weight: 440.00g

product origin: Chinese Mainland

Product number: rz-r3a1

maximum DPI: above 12001

backlight: RGB

programmable keys: more than 9

connection method: wireless

size: 121mm-130mm

Product Type: rechargeable mouse, Portable mouse

features: matte material

color: Black

III. comments of other users:

thunder snake Barcelona snake ultimate mouse bought for games and office use, just want to have Bluetooth and wireless receivers. I saw many types and different brands before I bought it. After multiple comparisons, I chose this one. At the same time, it has the advantages of friction reduction, vibration absorption and low sensitivity to stress concentration. This mouse is really cool and exquisite in shape. It is my favorite type. Let's talk about the feeling of use. My hand is relatively large, and this one is just suitable for a large amount of use. It feels very good. It's super comfortable to use, and will be recommended to other friends

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