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TI company has successfully developed the RFID packaging box integrated signature

Texas Instruments, a manufacturer of RFID label control system, and a manufacturer of cardboard and packaging products in Chicago have jointly developed a packaging mode that applies RFID labels to the packaging box, RFID packaging box integrated signature. In this mode, an RFID tag inlay is directly integrated into the corrugated cardboard box. The tag antenna is directly printed on the box with conductive ink, and the antenna is sealed with RFID strap through conductive adhesive. The cardboard of corrugated cardboard box is divided into three layers: an inner wall layer (vermicelli), a middle corrugated layer and an outer wall layer (vermicelli). The label inlays embedded in the inner wall layer and the waveform layer are well protected

this butterfly shaped RFID tag is composed of an integrated circuit and two conductive gaskets

the company predicts that in the future, this mode of integrating RFID tag inlays into packaging materials will save labor and material costs for consumer goods packaging companies, because this mode does not need to buy independent packaging labels

this kind of packing box is a future product, a bit like a concept car. Josephleblanc, vice president of research and development of Smurfit stone, said that the large-scale production of this product requires a large amount of demand, which is greater than the existing demand for smart tags. However, he believes that the proof of this concept is an important step forward. Compared with the production of finished RFID tags with small particle size, this kind of rfii) tag has fewer materials and production steps, which makes it possible to produce a large number of low-cost tags

we have developed the sample of this RFID integrated tag for 18 months. Tony sa7190 small and messy enterprises, head of Ti RFID UHF/retail supply chain, Betti said that this is the first RFID tag sample with antennas directly printed on packaging materials

Sabetti talked about the latest development in the quality and concentration of conductive ink, which has greatly improved the readability of naked labels in packaging boxes. He added that this kind of label can be produced by Ti RFID/Smurfit stonerfid packaging box or label process. The antenna will be printed on the label insert and then sealed with the label. The process of placing an antenna on an IC chip now does not need to be carried out in a space free environment, which is why some label packers are interested in Ti label tapes

LeBlanc said that although the requirements for RFID integrated packaging are not high, smu~t-stone has done a good job in the early model development, because they believe that with the labeling requirements for more items, consumer goods packaging companies will eventually adopt this integrated signature mode

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