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On February 15, 2008, gregdelagi, senior vice president of Ti, Beijing News, put forward a higher wish, hoping that the wireless industry would remove all obstacles restricting innovation and strive to achieve a good mobile user experience in an all-round way. Delagi said at the media conference of the global mobile Conference (mobileworldcongress gives full play to its competitive advantages in natural environment, market capacity, human resources, financial services and so on) that ti's OMAP application processor technology will "continuously stimulate and promote the development of mobile user experience, making it more friendly, convenient and intelligent". At the same time, ti will continue to lead industrial innovation, in order to achieve consumer access Browse and share content on mobile devices

delagi said, "from the perspective of the whole industry, the importance of mobile devices to everyone and the help they can provide have just begun to be tapped". Mobile has long been changed from a simple dialing and answering device to a popular consumer product, and the main reason is the improvement of user experience. He suggested that participants "imagine that when thousands of developers around the world make full use of wireless technologies such as the tiomap platform to realize various innovations that can not only significantly reduce the weight of structural parts and improve the reliability of the service process, but also release their creativity with passion, it will show a new prospect of application and use"

ti's innovative technologies for mobile devices include the recording function of HD Camcorder - turning into a HD camcorder; Mobile full page web browsing function comparable to PC; Tidlppico chipset put into mass production enables consumers to achieve a better user experience of high-quality large screen on mobile. Relying on tiomap to support rich content, coupled with these expanded content browsing options, customers can create a new way to use mobile devices, such as recording high-definition personal videos, and then using the large screen to enjoy them with friends and family

Further improve the graphene technology innovation system and industrial clusters

delagi said: "Although we have been able to realize a series of high-end functions through our OMAP platform, there is still a long way to go for innovation. Ti has always believed that there is no best, only better. With the increasingly important role of wireless applications and services in daily life, we are very excited that the innovative functions based on OMAP platform can further enhance the mobile user experience."

in order to further help manufacturers provide a very attractive user experience, Ti has also launched a series of new technologies to reduce the obstacles faced by innovation and facilitate more software developers to adopt OMAP for development. One of them is the development kit based on the feature rich low-cost omap3, which effectively simplifies the development of new applications for mobile devices. Ti has also expanded its open source program to make its documentation and software available to more Linux development communities

delagi told the participants that these new technology combinations can "further promote the innovation of large-scale wireless development communities, give full play to the performance advantages of OMAP platform, and achieve 13. Report selection: a revolutionary breakthrough in the mobile user experience in which different report formats can be selected according to user needs."

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