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Volvo China open April showdown Chengdu 20million prize money gathered in Europe and Asia to compete

Volvo China open April showdown Chengdu 20million prize money gathered in Europe and Asia to compete

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Guide: Recently, the 17th Volvo China open held a press conference in Chengdu to promote all regions to increase financial support for the recycling of express packaging, It is announced that this year's event will be moved to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, which has the reputation of the land of abundance for the first time, and a fierce championship competition will be held at Lushan International Country Club from April 21 to 24. The total bonus of this competition has increased significantly again, and the 1-CUT valve on the hydraulic control box should not be opened and placed

recently, the 17th Volvo China open held a press conference in Chengdu, announcing that this year's event will be moved to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, which has the reputation of "the land of abundance" for the first time, and will launch a fierce championship competition at Lushan International Country Club from April 21 to 24. The total bonus of this competition increased significantly again, reaching a record high of 20million yuan (the test proved that the bonding strength of its clad molded thermoplastic composite hybrid parts is about 3million dollars). At present, Ireland's padrigo Harrington, Spanish star Sergio Garcia and China's top player Liang Wenchong have confirmed their participation

as the title sponsor and event promotion agency of Volvo China open, Volvo Group has been working together with the China Golf Association, the organizer of Volvo China open, since its inception in 1995, to continuously push the world influence of Volvo China open to a new height. With the entry of Volvo China open into the European tour, the longest held international professional golf competition in China has provided more opportunities for Chinese excellent golfers to win international attention, promoted the experience sharing and exchange of top golfers, and witnessed and promoted the development of golf in China at a new stage

brand executives took a group photo in front of Volvo brand excavator

Ms. Jiang LAN, vice president of Volvo Group China and Volvo (China) Investment Co., Ltd. group communications and brand, said that she was very happy that Volvo China open was held in Southwest China for the first time, She said "Chengdu is an important city in the west, with great development opportunities and potential, which is confirmed by the rapid development of Volvo Group in this region in recent years. While stimulating economic vitality, Volvo Group is also committed to optimizing the quality of life in the West. Through the Volvo China open, we have brought the passion of golf and the attitude of advocating nature and pursuing high-quality life. We look forward to cooperating with customers in the West in the future Households and partners share more meaningful international activities. "

group photo of Volvo executives and participating players

"in the past 17 years, Volvo China open has made brilliant achievements and has always been steadily moving towards higher goals." Allison, President of golf Department of Volvo event management company, said, "This year's China open is not only the first time to move to southwest China and settle in Lushan International Country Club, but also the holding date is postponed by one week compared with previous years. In addition, the total bonus of up to 20million yuan and the selection of new entry qualifications will undoubtedly attract more top players to join. It has been held for seven consecutive years, which will also give more local excellent professional and amateur players the opportunity to show their skills on the European tour. All these will enter Further improve the quality and reputation of Volvo China open. "

Zhang Xiaoning, director of the small ball management center of the General Administration of sport of the people's Republic of China and Secretary General of the China Golf Association, said, "since the Volvo open was successfully held in China in 1995, through 17 years of cooperation with Volvo, this event has developed into one of the high-level international events with great brand benefits held in China and even in the world." Director Zhang is very grateful to Volvo for its support for the development of China Golf over the years, And said, "with golf officially becoming a competition item of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, China's golf has undergone significant changes in the level of participation and the training of young players, and Volvo China open plays an important role in encouraging young players to participate and popularizing golf. I believe Volvo China open will receive more and more attention."

volvo China open press conference golfer Liang Wenchong made a speech

"with golf becoming an official event of the Olympic Games in 2016, Volvo is full of confidence in the development prospects of golf in China and will continue to give full support. It is hoped that in the near future, Volvo China open will bring you more surprises and become a window to show the world China's golf." Allison concluded

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about Volvo Group

Volvo is the largest sponsor of professional golf events in the world. The 2011 Volvo China open will be the 123rd event sponsored by Volvo

Volvo's global Golf sponsorship project is planned, operated and managed by Volvo event management - golf, which is jointly owned by Volvo Group and Volvo Car Corporation. Volvo Group and Volvo cars co sponsored many large-scale golf events around the world, including Volvo China open, Volvo World Championship and Volvo Golf Championship

Volvo Group was founded in 1927 with its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. The group's business areas include Mack trucks, Renault Trucks, UD trucks, Volvo trucks, Volvo buses, Volvo Construction equipment, Volvo penta, Volvo Aero, and Volvo financial services. At present, Volvo Group is the second largest manufacturer of heavy trucks and large buses in the world and the third largest manufacturer of construction equipment

In 1999, Volvo Group sold its Volvo car company to Ford Motor Company. Today, Volvo cars has been affiliated with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in China

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