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Volvo Construction equipment: lead construction equipment to the "electrical revolution"

Volvo Construction equipment: lead construction equipment to the "electrical revolution"

2013, steel bar weldments China Construction machinery information

electric excavator is not a novel idea, even in the interior of Volvo Construction equipment, "pioneer" - Volvo concept excavator gaiax has also been successfully realized. This small excavator with bright orange seats is not a mass-produced product of Volvo, but it still attracted wide attention at the Bauma exhibition in 2014

in 2016, Volvo Construction equipment has accelerated its pursuit of environmental protection and efficiency. In a cooperative scientific research project with the Swedish Energy Agency (SEA), Skanska, a famous construction company, and two universities - Lin Xueping University and meradaren University, Volvo Construction equipment is trying to turn a quarry completely into electric drive. Imagine that so many devices are powered by electricity... The total value of the whole project is high, with 400 + industry elites amounting to 22million euros, which is expected to be officially completed in 2018. Erikbrandsma, the general director of sea, commented, "this is a new stage in the construction industry. We can see the huge potential contained therein, and we are very honored to play an important role in it."

this is not a false compliment. According to the statistical data of sea, the total energy consumption of Volvo's construction equipment in 2010 was 14 TWH (equivalent to 1 billion kwh of energy) - and this is the data driven by diesel. If these diesel are changed into electricity, it is expected to reduce energy consumption by 70% and carbon emissions will be reduced to about half of the original level. Although Volvo diesel engine has always been a model of high efficiency in the industry, the principle of internal combustion engine determines its limitations in energy conversion. According to scientific calculation, the ultimate thermal efficiency of diesel engine will not exceed 50%. In contrast, electricity is undoubtedly much more efficient, which is why all parties in politics, academia and business circles have high concerns and expectations for this project

"electrification facilities have been built in many places of the quarry, and the moving range of the excavator is also very small, which is convenient for us to connect the cable directly to the body." Jennyelfsbe, director of emerging technology at Volvo, but if it is used too frequently, RG explained, "at the same time, we also have a better understanding of the quarrying business, which helps us continuously improve efficiency and make horizontal comparisons." Sidneylevy, design director of Volvo Construction equipment, tried to explain the extraordinary significance of this project from another side: "the project has created a very good design opportunity for us. We can remove those traditional components and try new design concepts." Skanska, as an important partner of the project, will officially test the new power equipment in 2018 and continue to verify its feasibility internally. As an enterprise with many years of cooperation experience with Volvo Construction equipment, both sides uphold a strong belief in environmental protection. "Cooperation is the key to this project." Martinweissburg, President of Volvo Construction equipment, succinctly concluded that perhaps in a few years, we will be able to witness a meaningful "electrical revolution" in the construction equipment industry

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