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Volvo Construction Equipment released two new product series in Bauma China 2020, fulfilled China's commitment

Volvo Construction Equipment completed the 04 special adjustment work in Bauma China 20, released two new product series, fulfilled China's commitment

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Volvo Construction equipment and Shandong Lingong jointly participated in Bauma China 2020. During the exhibition, In recent years, Volvo Construction equipment has launched two new product series made in China, and demonstrated the electric version of customer trial machines on site. These products are tailored to the current and future needs of Chinese customers, demonstrating Volvo Construction Equipment's commitment to the Chinese market

Volvo Construction equipment and Shandong Lingong participated in Bauma China 2020 side by side. With their unique advantages, the two brands exert their joint efforts to provide comprehensive solutions for the Chinese market. At the exhibition site, Volvo Pentax and Volvo financial services, the business units of Volvo Group, will also appear at the booth

in the past three decades, all business areas and service departments of Volvo Group have entered China, with 5000 employees

Volvo Construction equipment new series excavator release ceremony

two product series to meet the diversified needs of customers

Volvo Construction Equipment unveiled the first batch of excavators for Chinese customers in Bauma China, and will complete the design and manufacture of new excavators in China. The new products are divided into two series - the glory series and the supreme series, covering 12 ton small if the dynamometer is installed before and after the non horizontal equipment to 90 ton heavy equipment. Glory series is widely applicable to general construction and other working conditions, and can be used for excavation, hoisting and other operations in urban environment. Supreme series brings high-performance products to the Chinese market, with the advantages of durability, equipped with cutting-edge high technology, and maintaining low operating costs in complex operating environments

as the head of the series, ec380 glory edition and supreme edition will be first launched in the first half of 2021 respectively. In the future, a total of 10 products will be released one after another

Volvo Construction equipment and Shandong Lingong joint press conference

Wo + service commitment to create value for Chinese customers

the realization of high-quality operations requires not only high-quality products, but also quality services. Wo + service commitment and wo + overall solution are one of the highlights of Volvo Construction equipment in Bauma China 2020. Wo + service commitment focuses on three key words - "professional in Wo", "love to keep promise" and "enjoy the notice of Shandong StarTech on 2018 New Year holiday by me", committed to ensuring equipment attendance, improving customer productivity, and continuously creating value for customers. Visitors can experience the Volvo + service commitment and the overall solution of Volvo + at the Volvo mobile container service station on the site of the booth, including the post market mobile service module, on-site demonstration, etc. The promise of Wo + service also includes the financial service solutions provided by Volvo financial services to provide customers with a one-stop experience

Volvo Construction equipment and Shandong Lingong joint press conference

help China's electrification development

another highlight of Volvo Construction Equipment's exhibition this time is the 5.5-ton electric excavator customer trial machine EC55 and 22 ton electric excavator customer trial machine ec230 on site. These two products are the first batch of electric customer trial machines launched by Volvo Construction equipment in China, and will be delivered to Chinese customers for testing in a short time. These two electric excavators have the advantages of low noise, zero emission, high energy efficiency and low maintenance cost

on site, Volvo Construction equipment will also demonstrate the 14 ton electric wheel excavator concept machine ex03. This product has a number of breakthrough safety functions. The real-time video live broadcast function in front of the machine can make the vehicles behind clearly see the situation ahead. The text-based safety screen can remind the on-site workers to move left and right or reverse, as well as the live broadcast of safety communication, so that the operator can make eye contact with pedestrians and workers, minimize misunderstandings and improve safety

in addition, Volvo Construction equipment will display a field model of electrification operation. This concept combines automation and electric products, changes the traditional working mode and on-site management mode, and can be applied to quarries and other production scenarios. It is committed to realizing the enterprise vision of "zero emissions, zero accidents, zero unplanned downtime and ten times work efficiency"

virtual experience

in order to enable the audience who cannot be present in person to participate in the exhibition, Volvo Construction equipment has designed a virtual experience journey for the audience, comprehensively presenting the wonderful contents of the booth and on-site activities. Scan the QR code on the left, you can visit the Volvo booth through mobile devices, watch the live broadcast and on-demand content of the exhibition, and have real-time chat and interaction with Volvo experts

"Volvo Construction equipment has made great progress in China. We have thousands of employees in China and have a local manufacturing base to meet all the needs of consumers. At present, our new product series tailored for the Chinese market will provide customers with comprehensive solutions with high performance, high attendance and low operating costs together with Volvo + service commitment and Volvo + overall solutions. We are in the field of automation and electrification Our project also demonstrates our ability to meet the future needs of consumers. This exhibition will further deepen our commitment to become a comprehensive solution provider and play a leading role in building an ideal life in China. " Chen Lin, vice president of Volvo Construction Equipment China sales region, said

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