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American plastic packaging thermoforming business doubled in China

packaging thermoforming business prentcorp The company has moved into a new plant in Jiading District, Shanghai, which has more than doubled its production capacity in China and increased the number of local grade 8 clean rooms from one to three

the company previously announced that the new plant in holbaek, Denmark, will also be put into operation on January 4. This 30000 square foot factory is the company's first factory in Europe and also has a class 8 clean room

both factories are equipped with the latest automatic mechanical equipment. With the global economy still in recession, the construction of the two new plants was completed on schedule as previously announced

josephpregont, President and CEO of this private company headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin, said: our scale is relatively small, so we are more flexible and agile in business development. We only need to finish the necessary work. This is one of the advantages of private companies. It is estimated that the annual sales of the company exceed 130 million US dollars

Pregont said that since entering the Chinese market five years ago, the company has achieved double-digit high growth in China. In order to meet the needs of business expansion, its number of employees in China has increased to more than 350

pregont said in an interview on December 10: we have achieved great growth here. Our old factory is not enough. We expect to maintain double-digit growth in the next five years. If so, he said, it would double the company's sales in China

Chinese factories mainly serve three important domestic markets in China: medical packaging, consumer electronics packaging and high-end product packaging requiring precision thermoforming. Prent designs and manufactures blister packaging, pressure formed pallets and flip top packaging

the fastest growing area of its business in China will be medical treatment, accounting for more than 50% of its total global sales

Bjnelson, President of prent Asia, said: we expect that with the influx of more and more multinational medical equipment manufacturers into China, our [medical] sales will at least double in the next five years

in addition, prent China expects its now sizeable consumer electronics business to maintain steady annual growth

Nelson said: the economic crisis sweeping the world last year did not adversely affect China's demand for medical and consumer electronic packaging. We expect that China's economy will continue to maintain a very good momentum of development. In the next 10 years, we believe that the growth rate of China will be much faster than that of North America and Europe

Pregont said that after the completion of the new plant, the company was able to increase the number of equipment in China. We have expanded our production capacity, added more equipment and opened a number of clean rooms

prent customized its own hot forming equipment, horizontal tensile testing machine, how to use it, and unified the design of all factory equipment, so that it is convenient to move production and equipment from one factory to another

the company has six factories, four of which are built outside the United States, but more than half of the production capacity is in American factories

the new factory in Denmark will be dedicated to the European market. At first, there will be famous workers, but it is expected to expand the number of employees to more than 100 in the next five years

Pregont said: the main focus of the new Danish plant will be on the packaging of medical equipment, while taking into account other markets. He added that the plant would be equipped with new machinery and equipment

he said: many of our existing customers in Europe are looking forward to the production of the new plant

the plant will integrate design, quality assurance and production capacity. Peter Bay, the general manager of prent Denmark, said that with the growth of demand, the factory will add mold engineering design, mold manufacturing and secondary operations

he said: we will start slowly and steadily and gradually accumulate business. I predict that five years from now, prent will become the mainstay of the European packaging market

pregont said that prent may focus on these two new plants in 2010, and then will consider where to expand after that. The company has more than 1000 employees worldwide

he said: I regard our company as a small multinational company that can quickly respond to customer needs

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